OctopusG L-13 Blanik MSX, P3D


What about gliders for FSX? Usually nothing interesting for virtual pilots. However we have added a few interesting features to our L-13 Blanik model.

Of course, all systems of L-13 are custom made.

Before your first flight you have to insert the batteries for proper operation of turn coordinators, attitude indicators and radio station, if you want these devices functioning during the flight.

You can insert the batteries using the Service Window.

The Service Window allows you to:

- change between front and rear cockpit for the pilot and passenger and adjust their weight. Press button PILOT to choose from which cockpit to fly.

- install water tank in the rear cockpit and ajust the quantity of water for the flight. The water tank is used increase speed at maximum glide ratio.

- cover the glider. Gliders have to be covered when grounded. You can do it!

- adjust the rate of failures and repair all devices that have failed.

- reinstall the batteries when they get discharged during the flight if you use gyroscopic gauges and radio.



Blanik User Guide

Service Wndow short instruction