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OctopusG Aerosoft An-2 for P3dv4.1 released!

The Antonov An-2 (also known as Annushka or Colt) is a very strange aircraft. Designed as an agricultural and utility aircraft, it ended up doing almost anything an aircraft could do, from crop dusting, to parachute dropping. It can land on short, unpaved runways, will survive the harshest winter and the most gruelling summer and endure the heaviest abuse. No wonder that it was build up to 2001 event though it looks very much like the 1950s aircraft it is.
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An-2 Colt

I-16 for DCS

PZL-104 WilgaX

L-13 Blanik

Released v1.2 for P3Dv4.1

Under construction

Available v1.3 for FSX and P3D

Available for FSX and P3D

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